Bad end of bad work

It is a matter of time that he used to drop one drop in the village. He had two wives, one named Kajal, the second wife's name, the two wives of Sapna had a very simple temperament and both of them did not fight, both of them had a daughter of Kaj Jal And there was a daughter of the dream. The daughter of the dream was the name of the fragrance. Kajal's daughter's name was Komal Thadonon's wives.

There was a daughter and both of them had good love because they both spoke Too much loved both gave equal rights to both and both of them brought any kind of thing, they loved both sides of equal division, both wives used to work equally in the house; No one did it by any kind. Both wives never quarreled and never mischief.

Both work used to do the work of the house very easily, there was no obstruction of any kind, forgetting their work He used to keep a lot of attention in earning money. The time of the day was weaver's bone started hurting at very fast and the weavers became merry and both the wives get stunned after crying, then there is a quarrel between the two wives Goes and collects his own rights in the property but did not want to dream that we separated him but the dream wanted to take a lot of money. Both the wife became free and did not fear anybody He used to wear different types of costumes and used to wear many types of gold ornaments.

Weavers became free after death. He was not afraid of anybody and was not respected in the village. Wea was then respected and later he was respected. And Kajal was taken out of the house by the dream, but Kajal did not give up, and started making money by dropping the cloth. I was very sad how to find my daughter but she got dressed A drop-drop made the cost of his daughter and spent all the work of the house at the cost of closing the cloth. When she was selling cloth in the village, she looked at a cow and she brought the cow to her house.

The service was there and there was no shortage of fodder water. The cow did not give him a lot of milk, and when the cow came home, there was no shortage on it. Kajal got angry, he took a cow and brought it to the cow The property was completely destroyed and he became poor and did not serve the cow. That's why he became very poor today due to this, the dream served the cow and the cow rescued him from the farm, which was then planted in the field.

He had become a billionaire because of which he had become a billionaire, therefore always should serve cow mothers. How much debt was waived, even though the villagers went to take money for the loan, he did not have the money, then the village The people grabbed his land and drove him out of the house, and then the dream saw that he was roaming outside.

Then I kept him in the house, then Kajal said, I will not forget your favor, I will not remember all my life because I do not want to It was that you became a billionaire, so I took you out of your house, but the train you used to serve the cow mother has not lacked any kind of thing. Love grew bigger and together
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