Buddha Rat saved everyone's life

Once, a mouse and a pigeon lived in a house. The house was completely empty. The householder had gone out somewhere, once the mice gathered together to gather a gathering, said a rat in the gathering.

Today I became very upset with the cat. The pill was very bad In one day, a lot of mice kills and eaten all the rats fed up with a meeting and then why do we eat all of us eat any one of them, we will always come to you one by one, Shri said that everybody in the family has eaten a member every day, he is suggesting himself, then a young man nowadays sitting in the corner said a young man said that I have a very good plan.

You will follow this plan and If you have to make a lot of money then you have brought a copper bell and you do not sleep for all of the cat, then you should be ready and the cat's hours. Then we will know that the voice of the bell rang was so sweet that as soon as the cat came, the sound of gun gun gun gun started coming and the cat was not able to get all the rat ran away. Delhi got disturbed and said,

There was a big gathering in the family gathering, then a big rat came and said that it had become very old and it became a bit stupid and said that I will tell you a remedy, take this bell Who is the one who is shocked at the neck of the brothers, who will be the first of all if they go first, they will eat it. I am not ready to die.

No one wants to die before I want Bunda Rat That I am going to die like this. Do one thing. Do your work. I am ready to die. All the other rat has said that it has become so stupid. It's going to die like this, instead of nurturing it's house. This sala is making us crazy. It's making mad. We will not nurture it, then all the mice are still young, how do you want to die? You will not die today, all the young people in the gathering;

You have to die in the form of a plan in all the rats and think that the point is right. Now that this old man is going to die is going to die, Saying the collapse, we will give you all the expenses of your home and from today we will do all the work of this cat, will bore your throats like it will come in the house, it will tell you 2 hours. We will know that it is also coming. You will not kill anyone and we will kill everybody in the meeting and all the plans will succeed, then smartly went to Delhi and the bell was tied around his neck, Billy groaned in the throat and the rest entered the bill. He survived.

All the mice also survived to die. If a ringer came around his neck, the rat would know that the brother is coming, only then all the mice Free and the Buddha used to respect all of the rat. If there were any SP, then the first thing was to see the Buddha rat as the president, the rat was at the forefront, giving it a complete hand. Similarly, a Sarpanch of the entire society As the Buddha Rat advised everyone to do the same thing I used to say, so all the brothers used to say that all the mice used to do the same. Such a plan was successful thanks
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