Fool crows and snakes

Once you know and how smart it is and how wise it is, how wise it is to drink. What is the most intelligent one time thing was a huge dense forest in which there was a crow's bunch and the leader of the Goa church And as he said all the wells used to do, Goa sat on the pond all day, eating small creatures and eating macaroons and eating dead animals and eating them. Bharata was not got anything to eat for 1 day. It was very sad and said that how many animals do I ever kill. Today I did not find any one.

On that day he did not find any. He killed everybody every day killing a mosquito Always ate some new animals and ate all the animals in the pond, and he always ate one animal by one, he did not know what was going to happen in the days to come, it was wise to forget But what went ahead in his mind would be what would happen everybody would like to have water in the pond as well as decrease as well as in the search of the wandering around the pond, he was tired of roaming around, when a big alcohol was sleeping in sleep, Have fun today I am very hungry and will eat plenty of food.

Then Kuber's mouth started coming and water was happy and he saw that there is a dead snake but the snake was alive. Who was the one who planned and raised his evening in the evening and took his home and as soon as the snake flew, the snake was alive. She said, how small animal will eat me, take the shop, then she is a girl

Then as soon as crows began to bite in the evening, the sleep of alcohol went away and the queue wrapped around four and the crow came to the point of death and the snake got angry that after being a small bird, I saw today how he saved himself, running him running, said, "I will eat yours today, but snake said that I will kill you today.

What will you do, whatever you have to do is call your friends, call me I Today, I will kill you today. You will not be able to find the cause of the pain and fall into the ground and die. He started thinking, my luck broke.

Today I took my life if I knew Jaanu in the pond One by one, today I was not hungry, but I used to give one such leave to me, thus Goa had come to die. Thus, should be aware that there are any types of medicines like comedy. Or food should be fruit fruit, nothing should be done in the West, should not be taken as much as it should, should not be taken as much as one account in one day, it never comes down, but in 1 day Five killed and one account four gets worse just because of this, today's death
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