Should not be selfish

It's a long time ago I am telling you this fact that almost a thousand years ago there was a village demon who had a very large orchard under a hill, the lonely orange common berry papaya in the garden, he did not do any harm to the garden. Had always used to drink water and did not have any kind of desolation, once his friend came to the garden, the friend's name was mad. Tha Demon thought that its name is only crazy.

I do not think it will ruin some of the gardens but see what it does today. He went the rest and ate lemon orange, and did not do much damage. There is an account then there is a loss of 2, thus the demon came near the demon and said, "Son, do not do this, I used to scold very smart little kids,

It was that today I will secretly enter your garden. What will you do? You have chosen the walls of the walls around Baba. No one can enter the high height.

 The bird stopped coming. No one comes to the insects. Gana was very arrogant, and because of being selfish, nobody liked him. The weather changed every year, the autumn season came and the letter of the whole garden started flowing, Dirt became dirty due to the fall because the bird stopped coming.

Therefore, the Sagittarius bird started worrying in the morning, she was playing outside outside the window. She realized her mistake that I do not hear it today.

 It started to panic that if I did not do such a thing then today it is not so much damage that this bird is very hungry and small insects are also starving and are dying again Loves to love and kids fed plenty of food to someone; Someone talked to someone and lemon was a very fruitful garden. The garden was so big that it did not drink water on time, then he made friends with the children and the children accompanied him Together I used to do all the work in the garden, then do not donate me if I knew first, then I do not do it then the birds and pigeons started coming in the peacock garden and started eating many kinds of fruits in the tiger.

He broke the big wall and broke the whole wall and opened the way to come and called the children to the garden and said that as much as you do not eat, always come to my garden, come in two days in a day and eat my fruit fruit. It will be such a bad thing that the child will be very loving and will come after us and serve you and
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