Story of a silly turtle

हीली- कैसे हो सभी में आपके सामने अक न्यू खाऊ लेकर आया हु इसको होअर से me apni bta du mere sath ak khani hui ti me uske baare me mai apko bta rha hu es khani ko goar se sunanaa

अक बार मेरे साथ अक खानी जैसे गटना ग्तित हुई ही इसको में आपके सामने ब्यान क्र रहा हु एस खानी में भुत ही दिल्चेप्स गटना hai इसको सुनकर आप भी भुत बड़े में करेंगे एस खाई को आक डीएम गोअर से सुनना जिससे आप एस खानिसे मिस न हो सके एस लिए में आपके सामने अक खबी प्रसतुत क्र रहा हु एस को अगर आप गोअर से सुनोगेब तो भुत ही महा आयेगा अगर नही भी सुनते हो तो मुझे क्या मत सुअनना बुत मेरा तो यही मनान ह की आप इसको गोअर से सुनना और आननद लेने एस खानी माँ जैसव की अपने मेरे पिच्नी खानी को सुना ही होगा की मेने क्या बताया hai पिछली खानी में अगर आपबे उस कहने को नही पीडीए hai तो जरुर सुनियेगा अगर नही पड़ोगे तो आपको मज़ा कैसे आटा 

तो च्लिय्र में खनिको सुरु करता झु अगर आप अभी से एस खान को धेना पूर्वक पढोगे तो मज आःया  जायेगा अगर नही प्धोये तो अंत में पछताओगे इसलिए आप इसको ध्यान से पधान मज़ा आ जायेगा बरो

It is a matter of time that the villagers made a huge pond together by all the people of the Ganges. A turtle came in the pond. The tortoise was very dirty. She was lying in the water like a country. She did not think that she would get a meal in the evening or not. Seeing the birds flying and the turtle was burning that the bird was flying in the sky Why am I not flying? I used to stay in the pool all day, the bird flew into the sky. He was jealous of he thought that I am a small animal behind a bird, a very good knight is a great art, but I have been sleeping in the pool all day and if someone comes then he eats it or else I am hungry. I can hear the thing, talk to a bird and tell a sister to me. You float in the water and get up, how do you fly, she told me that when my death comes, then I fly and I am hungry 

It seems like I sit in the pond for food and eat small frogs and make my food. Like a buffalo like you, always keep a little in the pond. Hunchchu said, "But the sister teaches me to rise then the tortoise said That is why it remains the same day all day, no matter how it works, like eating a bigger animal eats as if it does not eat, I live, I have no The whole animal does not come near to hunting. I hunt myself because I read and read. I request you to not teach me a little. But Batak told the turtle that I would teach you to fly. Otherwise, you do not have to do a job today, do not come in the pond, if I do not come in Turtle's Agartala, then where will I take my meal then on July 1 one was a big mountain, there was one thing there flying in China. He came in the flying pond and saw the turtle and in the mind of the turtle that I would learn to fly, then Shiva said that I will teach you to get up. 

I will not come back in the evening. You are ready to get out of the water, It is very interesting that if I come to myself and say that I will teach you to swim till I refused, then yesterday evening's time was hungry and the turtle in the pond which was flying in the pond, When I came out of the prison and took me up, took it up and ate it, then the turtle started thinking in my mind, you told me that 

I would teach you the jail was very clever, she ate it and the rest of the turtle He looked at him and said that he did not listen to anyone and he went into the water and started doing his own work, China said that if I put it, then he did not take the dead and threw it down and then died and later Switch to seal eating went so ever turtle does not want that I work so made as work right should therefore never matter what their will

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